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About Us

Skyline Holding Company includes a group of service and consulting companies in Turkey. It was established at the beginning of the third millennium in the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce and has become today one of the most important destinations for investors in Turkey, due to the diversity of its services, their quality, and comprehensiveness.

Our company started its activities in the fields of international trade and real estate from its headquarters in Istanbul province. Then it developed and expanded based on the ambitions and aspirations of the company to include fields of educational and legal services, property management, decorations, tourism, investment, car rental, medical services, and other fields.

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Our Goal

Building bridges of communication between clients and the job market in Turkey and abroad, ensuring our services are in line with the aspirations of foreign investors.

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Our Vision

To be the first and optimal choice for investors in the countries where Skyline Holding Group operates.

Our Companies


Skyline Holding for Travel and Traveling

Specialized in tourism services in Turkey. It has a team of expert consultants and organizes tourist programs. It provides luxury accommodations, including hotels and apartments. Additionally, they offer car rentals with or without a driver. It also handles conference organization, party planning, and flight ticket bookings.



A leading company in Turkey, offering car rental services in all states to meet the needs of its clients, including tourists and residents. The company relies on flexibility in its service delivery to facilitate the car rental process for customers.


Skyline Import and Export

A company specialized in providing all services related to international shipping and export, and it is considered one of the first Arab companies specialized in this field in Turkey, as the company works to overcome all obstacles facing importers from all countries of the world, including purchasing products, moving them, and shipping them in various ways.


Skyline Legal

Skyline Legal Company specializes in managing legal transactions, representing its clients in front various parties, and providing legal advice related to all aspects of life in Turkey.


Skyline Medical

The company provides all services related to the medical field in Turkey, as the company includes a specialized team of consultants. The company also delivers the client to the most distinguished Turkish hospitals based on the client’s condition, whether for treatment or cosmetic surgeries.


Skyline Educational

A company specializing in providing comprehensive services to students wishing to complete their studies in Turkish universities, as the company works to provide a study environment that meets the student’s desire in Turkey.


Skyline Real Estate

A company specialized in providing all services related to the Turkish real estate market, as the company has extensive experience in this field, as the company has been providing its services to customers for more than twenty years.


Skyline Architectural

A Turkish company founded at the beginning of the third millennium in the city of Istanbul, and working to provide engineering services and consultations to its clients, due to its experience in the field of construction, reconstruction and decoration.


Skyline Ist Home

It is a Turkish company specialized in property management of all types and providing real estate brokerage services, including buying, selling, and leasing residential, commercial, industrial, and land properties.

Chairman of Skyline Holding


Walking towards success is an endless journey, and the secret of that is consistency and persistence towards the goal, by setting a clear investment and commercial vision in the business world to develop our present and create our bright future.

The goals and visions that we draw and plan in the journey of Skyline Holding in its third founding decade are to contribute to achieving renaissance and economic development in its actual and realistic sense, and to optimally invest in latent human minds and energies, through investing in international projects, providing job opportunities, and training and qualifying them, to be able to pproduce and contribute to building and developing civilization and humanity in all fields of life.

Today, we lead our companies according to a plan, strategy and goals, and with us is an elite group of consultants and administrators who together, hand in hand, were able to make the dream a reality into reality embodied on the ground, and today we join our hands together to make today’s dream a reality in the future.

Muhammad Al-Musali

Chairman of the Board of Directors at Skyline Holding Group

Istanbul 2023

Board Members

عضو المجلس

Naji Al-Musalli

Vice General Manager

عضو المجلس

Saad Alnakhlani


عضو المجلس

Mohammed Alshabi

Public relations Manager


Investing in Turkey and the Top 4 Types

Turkey is classified among the best investment areas worldwide, especially in the real estate sector, where it has managed to attract many investors from various parts of the world to invest in real estate there. However, after the development and prosperity witnessed by Turkey, in addition to the advantages it offers to foreign investors, investors have turned to invest in other sectors in Turkey, such as industrial, agricultural, tourism, and others.

Maritime tourism in Turkey is thriving with 692 thousand tourists.

Maritime tourism in Turkey represents a promising form of growth and prosperity. The General Directorate of Maritime Affairs, affiliated with the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure in Turkey, revealed statistics highlighting an exceptional surge in cruise tourism.

As of the end of 2023, the UAE's investment in Turkey amounts to $51 billion.

Financial inflows expected from UAE investments in Turkey in the coming months are set to begin by the end of this year, marking an eagerly awaited development resulting from a landmark agreement reached between the two countries last month.

Will Turkey's current account surplus maintain economic recovery in 2023?

In a significant economic development, Turkey's current account managed to achieve a surplus in June 2023, representing a notable turnaround after nearly two years of deficit. This achievement is attributed to a combination of factors such as the thriving tourism sector and the decrease in energy costs, presenting a fantastic opportunity for economic recovery in Turkey, as observed by the news editing team at Skyline Holdings.

Deputy Chairman of the Saudi Chambers Federation and a delegation of businessmen visit Skyline Holdings.

A brief about the visit of the Deputy Chairman of the Saudi Chambers Federation to Skyline Holdings after the success of the Saudi-Turkish Economic Business Forum in Istanbul, which was held on Wednesday, 24th of Dhu al-Hijjah 1444 AH, corresponding to July 12, 2023. The forum achieved agreements and joint activities between Saudi and Turkish companies. Skyline Holdings, founded by Yemeni businessman Mohamed Al-Musalli over two decades ago in Istanbul, stood out as one of the prominent companies in this meeting. Skyline is considered a haven for Arab investors coming to Turkey.

Skyline Holdings donates 4 million Turkish lira to earthquake victims.

Skyline Holdings company announced today, Thursday, its donation of 4 million Turkish lira to the official account of the Turkish Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD), to contribute to supporting relief and rescue efforts following the earthquake that struck southern Turkey.


The metro lines in Istanbul and their advantages

The metro lines in Istanbul and their advantages are considered among the most important topics that concern residents due to the significant role transportation plays in our daily lives. Therefore, we will provide you with information about the most important metro lines, including their establishment, under construction, advantages, and their role in encouraging investment in Turkey.

Is Real Estate Investment Profitable in Turkey?

Getting an answer to your question: Is real estate investment profitable in Turkey or not? Requires familiarizing yourself with important details about the strength factors of this investment and the Turkish laws that encourage it, as well as gaining insight into relevant real estate statistics and studying many other details.

Turkey's Ranking in Healthcare Globally

Turkey's advanced ranking in healthcare among the world's countries reflects the extent of the Turkish government's commitment to providing high-quality healthcare services to all its residents, both citizens and foreigners alike.